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Hillsborough residents for accountable government & responsible growth

Thank you for visiting our internet site. We will continue to add additional items and make improvements, so please take a look at the current content and check back soon.  Thanks for your interest and patience.

United Citizens' Action Network is comprised of concerned citizens across Hillsborough County that actively pariticipate in the county's governing process.  Our goal is to ensure that county leadership considers the interests of exisiting residents first and foremost in all growth management decisions.  We expect our leaders to effectively controll growth in a way that will improve our quality of life and not detract in any way from what we enjoy today.  Growth should not be viewed as inevitable or uncontrollable.  We should accomodate only the growth that we can comfortably afford without increasing our existing tax burden and decreasing our quality of life.  We will actively pursue holding county leadership accountable for their actions.  The decisions they make and how well they serve their constituents will determine their fate at election time.

  • Educate and inform citizens
  • Interface with county leadership
  • Fully participate in the process and encourage other citizens to get involved in local and countywide matters
  • Monitor county growth managment actions and decisions to make sure they are taken with the best interests of residents in mind
  • Ensure that the county follows it's own rules and policies on a consistent basis and applies rules equally to all involved parties
  • Ensure that citizens are afforded access to county officials so that their concerns can be heard and appropriate action taken
  • Insist that the county favors existing residents first and foremost in the growth decisions that are made
  • Insist that the county reduce the involvement of the buildlng industry in policy making decisions

We want county leadership to recognize the following facts and use them as a basis for managing our growth:

  • A wide cross-section of our population needs to be actively involved in the county's growth planning
  • Special interest groups should not be consistently favored over citizens, as is the case now
  • Understand that for every house that's built, we bear additional cost
  • The economic health of Hillsborough County is not solely dependent on home building
  • By law, our county is obligated to maintain low density, encourage agriculture and maintain the rural character or our rural areas
  • There is enough developable land within the urban sector of the county to accomodate projected growth for the next 20 years
  • Exponential growth is not inevitable and we should not expect our landscape to be paved over in anticipation of it

There are many Hillsborough residents that are disgusted about the the way county leadership has handled growth over the last decade.  U-CAN is working to change the way the county is managing growth.  We are trying to unite citizens who want more from their county government.  Citizens that are tired of uncontrolled growth and the lack of consideration for exisiting residents, can join forces with citizens across the county to let their voices be heard.  We are monitoring and interfacing with county leadership asking them to put exisitng residents first and stop favoring the building industry. 

We will alert everyone of key countywide issues that will affect our quality of life.  When those important issues come up we will encourage concerned citizens to join us in letting the county know what we want.  We also plan to keep tabs as to how each commissioner voted on key decisions in the form of a report card.  We will also provide links to citizens comments, key documents, pertinent news articles, and information for contacting county leadership.

Please sign up on the mailing list so that you can receive important information that will affect all of us.